Saturday, August 17, 2013

Introduction and first tea.

Welcome. This is where I will post notes about tea I drink. There will not be any photos of tea on this blog (probably), instead, each tea will be accompanied by a sketch I made while drinking the tea. The idea is simple. I want the sketch to somewhat represent the experience of drinking that tea. An addition to the notes. Because writing about tea is hard. And I don't have a fancy camera to take beautiful photos of tea :)

The first tea and sketch is a 2013 "Wa Long Village" Yiwu from Yunnan Sourcing. This is a sample that I got together with a whole bag of samples to taste over the summer. So far, this has been one of the best. The wet leaves are very pretty and have a complex and almost hypnotizing aroma. Buttery fruits and flowers, yiwu grass. The first cup is mild in taste but has a good body and is very "juicy". Honey, butter, hints of flowers and fruit. After the second steeping I'm having a hard time separating my nose from the gaiwan. I want to live among those leaves. Forever.

The taste is still mild but the mouth-feel and texture of this tea is like a intricate dance. Swirling and playing around in the mouth long after the last sip. As I'm sitting and enjoying the sweet aftertaste I start to notice some qi. Emptying my head of thoughts, putting me in a meditative state.

The more I drink the less I want to write and my notes starts to get a bit silly. Short sentences like:
"Mouth is tea."
"The tea looks magical in the sun."

The qi is really kicking my butt and it's hard to drink this tea fast. Each sip is like taking a big bite of some kind of unknown exotic fruit. The tea is really cooling and thick, has a good kuwei that transforms to something like sugarcane sweetness.

The session was like a journey. Each brew was a bit different than the one before. Varying between honey, fresh fruit, cooked fruit, sugarcane, grass and grains. Always tasty. Very powerful.

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