Friday, August 23, 2013

2009 "You Le Zhi Chun"

Another sample. Dry leaves is looking good. After the rinse I smell the wet leaves. Hmm, I feel that I know this smell. Though I'm not sure if I ever tried a Youle tea before. Maybe. Sipping the first sip my first thought is "YES!". There is a form of low herby/vegetal taste that seems to expand the mouth somehow which I really enjoy. Returning sweetness coats my mouth.

As I continue with the brews I get some fresh nuts/seeds together with a nice cooling effect. Later on, that herby taste slowly transforms to something more fruity. Lychee-like. I also find a sweet strawy taste that remind me of Yiwu tea. There is some good bitterness and a little astringency which I don't mind. A light sparkly feeling. Like a very light rain on a bright sunlit forest road.


  1. If I took your image and filtered with a dark brown hue, that might convey my impression of the cake after dry storage here in England. :)



  2. Reading your notes and comparing to my sample I am wondering if maybe your tea has progressed a bit longer. I think I must buy a cake of this one.