Monday, October 28, 2013

2006 EoT "Da Xue Shan"

First sample of my first order on Essence of Tea. Wet leaves smells a bit anonymous. The first cups have a lovely texture and instantly numbs the tip of my tongue in that pleasant good-quality-pu kind of way. Tastes of biscuits and linseed. Very comforting and feels "sunny". In later brews it gets a lot deeper and more in the wood spectra. This is a new kind of puerh for me. Interesting.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2011 "Mu Shu Cha"

Wet leaves are on the flowery side of puerh. Orchid aroma with a kind of clean and fresh quality to it. Straight-forward and open. The cake has been in my possession since last summer and has balanced out some, losing a bit of that immediate grassy greenness it had when I got it while leaving a clean solid orchid taste. This taste accompanied by a bit of sweetness stays in the mouth for quite some time. Tingling coolness and more sweetness as the session progresses. Some ku [pleasant bitterness] and astringency makes things interesting. Salivation promotion is above average. Bottom of my empty cup smells like fresh sweet nuts. Calming qi. Gentle and pleasant tea.